Podiatric Examinations Detect Systemic Diseases During Free Healthcare Event

"They say the eyes are window to the soul.  Well the soles of  your feet are often windows to your health,” said Franklin Kase, DPM (Burbank, CA).  A doctor of podiaric medicine (DPM) who donated his time and services to the Care Harbor Free Healthcare Clinic, September 27 through 30.

Held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the Care Harbor Free Healthcare event is the largest of its kind in the country.  The four-day event provided treatment and care to more than 4000 patients (over a 1000 a day) free of charge, thanks to hundreds of healthcare volunteers.

Those needing care began lining up days before the event in order to ensure that they would receive one of the bright green wrist bands, which were required for treatment.  Over 4,000 risk bands were handed out before the end of the event.

Podiatric screenings was one of the free services provided. During his examinations, Dr. Kase was able to detect diabetes and high blood pressure in patients who were unaware of their conditions.  Kase noted the importance of preventative medicine not only for the successful treatment of the patient, but also in helping to stem exploding healthcare costs.

Other services provided included dental exams, cleanings and x-rays, eye exams, prescription glasses as well as women health screening, which included mammograms and pap smears.