UnitedHealthcare Delays Launch of Community Plan in Sacramento and San Diego Counties


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has pushed back the launch of its Medi-Cal managed care program in Sacramento and San Diego to October 1, 2017. All preparation underway for the original July 1 launch of the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will continue at the current pace over the summer.

In December 2014, UHC notified a subset of physicians in Sacramento and San Diego counties that they had either been automatically opted into the new Medi-Cal network or that they would be required to sign a written amendment confirming their willingness to join the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Rates and terms were included with both notices.

Physicians who were automatically opted in to the Community Plan had the option to opt out without affecting their underlying UHC commercial contracts. Physicians who did not wish to participate in the UHC Community Plan product had to notify UnitedHealthcare of their decision to opt out within 30 days of receipt of the notification.

Physicians with questions regarding the Community Plan rollout can contact UnitedHealthcare’s Network Management Resource Team at (866) 574-6088.

(Source: CMAnet [6/8/2017])