AB 1153 Awaits Governor’s Signature

CPMA’s bill AB 1153 [Low (D); AD 28 - Cupertino, CA] has successfully passed through both the State Senate (40 to 0) Assembly (79 to 0), and is now on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting his signature.

AB 1153 will (if signed by the Governor) enable California’s podiatric physicians to practice at a fuller extent of their extensive education, training and experience by allowing them to treat wounds of the lower extremity to the tibial tubercle.

“Though we are still awaiting the Governor to affix his John Hancock to our legislation, this is a tremendous accomplishment,” said CPMA Past President and CalPPAC Chair Thomas Elardo, DPM.

“It didn’t come quick or easy, but rather through hard work and proactive advocacy that educated legislators and other government officials combined with the access necessary to make such outreach and education possible.

“The dynamic duo of CPMA and CalPPAC has an outstanding record of accomplishments on behalf the patients, physicians and profession of podiatric medicine in California.

“Waiting for the Governor’s signature is a reminder that a stroke of the legislative pen can write us either into or out of the law.

“We now need to replenish the resources needed to provide continued access, especially with the 2018 mid-term elections just around the corner.

“I look forward to seeing you at:

The Roaring Twenties 2017 NorCal One Voice event on Saturday, October 14th at the Rotary Summit Center in San Jose, California and

An Evening of Magic 2017 SoCal One Voice event on Saturday, November 18th at The DoubleTree by Hilton in Los Angeles, California.

Both will offer an evening of camaraderie, cocktails, fine food, and fun to benefit CalPPAC.”

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