Hurricane Harvey Podiatry Relief Fund Established

Hurricane Harvey Podiatry Relief Fund Established


"The Texas Podiatric Medical Association (TPMA) has been closely monitoring the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and the record setting, disastrous flooding and devastation inflicted upon the residents of the Texas Gulf coast.  We are saddened to hear about the accounts of many of our members, who have suffered tremendous losses to their individual homes and businesses, much of which will take years to rebuild.  We are committed to supporting our members in any way possible and have received an outpouring of inquiries from doctors in the state, APMA leadership and other state associations leaders, as well as some vendors.

Many generous offers have been extended to help those doctors and families who are in need.  The TPMA encourages podiatry to band together and provide immediate assistance and support to those suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

Thankfully, we know of no loss of life and have many stories of rescue and damage to our members’ homes and offices.  This recovery phase will be long-term:  FEMA has stated that it may take up to five years to fully recover.

A blog has been set up ( to allow members to express their needs, connect and talk to other members who are going through the same circumstances and provide a way to connect those members who are willing to donate/share office space, supplies, see patients and help fellow members who are in need.  In addition, we have tried to contact each member in Southeast Texas and along the Gulf coast. They all have said that they will need funds for the rebuilding process.

TPMA has set up a “Podiatry Hurricane Relief Fund” utilizing (same company that JJ Watt used for his Houston Relief Fund).  All the money generated is done so without any fee to the contributor.  With over 200 members in the affected area, our goal is to raise at least $200,000 in the next six weeks.

This fund is a little different:  All the funds will only be for podiatrists, their families and their staff who are affected by Harvey along the Texas coast.  It is specific to the profession and those in need.

Please be as generous as possible with your donations. I know that times are still difficult in some areas but send whatever you can afford. We will gratefully accept any donation you can make to support the podiatric profession!"